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Do people ever read the Bibles in their hotel rooms?

Yes! Each Bible placed in a hotel room has the potential to reach up to 2,300 people in its estimated six-year life span. Research from the hotel industry tells us that approximately 25% of travelers read the Bibles in their hotel rooms.

Is The Gideons International a denomination or a church?

No. The Gideons International is an association that works with Bible believing churches. Our members come from many denominations, live all over the world, and share a desire to see the lost come to Christ.

What do Gideons believe?

The Gideons International is a diverse association in that our members come from many Bible believing evangelical churches with a common interest in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. All Gideons also hold important core beliefs:

For more information about becoming a member in your area, contact a Gideon near you. See map.

Can I get Bibles or New Testaments for my church or my personal use?

Our mission is to reach people. We do not provide Bibles and New Testaments to individuals, our church partners, or other organisations for their distribution. Our unique method is to have only our members distribute Bibles or New Testaments through designated traffic lanes of life, thus efficiently reaching a large number of people. We do not overlap, duplicate, or conflict with the mission of churches and other ministries. Instead, we act as an extended missionary arm of the church.

If you're searching for a copy of God's Word for personal use, visit the Read the Bible section of this website for online resources.

How do I contact The Gideons?

You may contact Gideon Ireland through our CONTACT page or use the details below.

How do I get The Gideon Bible app on my phone or tablet?

Follow the link on the Home page of this website. Select the Apple Store or Google Play and install the app to your preferred device. Alternatively you can go to the source directly from your device and access the app there. Search for Gideon Bible App and install.

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Bibles That Are Easy to Use

We want to make sure that when people turn to the Bible for help, they can easily find the guidance they need, especially if they’ve never read the Bible before. At the front of all Gideon-placed Bibles is a section called Bible Helps, which informs readers where to find verses on meaningful topics:

The Gideons International (Ireland) is a registered charity in Ireland. Chy-17617.

Phone or message the Gideons near you. See Contact us page.

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